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The Student Debt Modifications was established in July 2011 to help people with federal student loan debt receive some sort of relief through available Federal Programs. The founder of the company started this company to help college graduates and parents who are struggling to pay off their student loans. You may have noticed that our company’s slogan is “Education Should Not Be A Debt Sentence.”

We have made it a goal to master these debt relief programs and to know exactly what is necessary for you to qualify for the best possible repayment program to fit your current situation. Let us help you to determine if you qualify for student debt relief. Let us help you to determine if you qualify for student debt relief. We might just make your life a little easier.

Student Debt Modifications is a private company and is not affiliated with Federal, State, or Local Government agencies. Student Loan Legends is not a loan servicer or originator, we help people obtain Federal Government Student Loan Forgiveness or Consolidation by preparing and submitting documentation for them. People with student loan debt have the legal right to use an attorney or process Federal Student Loan Services documentation on their own behalf.