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Increase in Complaints Against Loan Servicers

In the past few months, the U.S. Department of Education – headed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos – has made two significant changes: It has rolled back protections that hold student loan servicers accountable to work in the best interests of borrowers. It eliminated the 60-day grace period that prevents borrowers from being charged…
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Affordable Four-Year Schools with Good Outcomes

These four-year public colleges offer their students an affordable higher education, with relatively high salaries. As students weigh the costs and benefits of higher education, it’s especially important to find schools that can offer them the best possible outcomes. For students looking for a high return on investment, these institutions may offer good opportunities. College…
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White House Announces New Commitments to Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge

The Obama Administration today announced that 61 higher education institutions and systems have committed to take the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge, joining the 25 signatories that took the pledge when it was first announced in June. In total, the 61 higher education signatories, representing 172 individual campuses, currently serve over 1.8 million students. By…
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