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Student Debt Modifications

HOW TO DEFER OR DISCHARGE STUDENT LOAN DEBT student loan forgiveness program

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Student Debt Modifications was founded 8 years ago in Beverly Hills CA. We are committed to helping each and every client reach financial well-being through options that fit their specific need and circumstance, doing so with exceptional service, honesty, and integrity. 

We are a document preparation service company, who assist borrowers with consolidating & restructuring their student loans payments. We are not a subsidiary of the Department of Education nor do we claim to be.

Student Debt Modifications  will assist you with  exploring  available options to resolve the delinquency you are facing with repayment of your student loans, in an effort to assist you to avoid interception of your tax refunds, garnishment, levies and/or collections calls. All possible resolutions including but not be limited to:

•      Establishment of an affordable re-payment plan that will enable

       you to resolve your default situation;

•      Negotiating a waiver of late fees and other default charges;

•      Obtaining approval for forbearance or deferment;

•      Obtaining credits and/or refunds of for payments you may have made on your loan.

Our highly trained staff will walk you through your options and help prepare and finalize your documents,depending on which program(s) you chose!  We also have the ability to handle everything over the telephone and via the Internet, email as well as fax. federal student loans refinance student loans

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