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We have highly qualified consultants, who are friendly, helpful and they loving working with people.

The History Behind Student Debt Modifications


Student debt modification was founded 9 years ago in Beverly Hills CA . We are committed to helping each and every client reach financial well-being through options that fit their specific need circumstance,doing so with exceptional service ,honesty and integrity

We are a document preparation service company, who assist borrowers with merging & restructuring their student loans payments. Our highly trained staff will walk you through your options and help prepare and complete your documents depending on which program(s) you chose!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at Student Debt Modification is to assist college bound students and parents with an understanding of the student loan process, while providing expert advice and valuable information needed to pay off their student loans and position themselves to live the American Dream of purchasing a home and having good credit.

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