Can I Discharge Student Loans In Bankruptcy?

Can I Discharge Student Loans In Bankruptcy?

How Can I Obtain a Student Loan Discharge?

For many people, student loans make up a substantial part of their indebtedness . Discharging student loans in bankruptcy very challenging, and almost impossible to rid of. However, this does not mean you should turn over. It is very possible that bankruptcy can aid you if you have student loan debt. .

In order to legitimately discharge your student loans, you must be in a position of such severe financial difficulty that you would never be able to pay them back.

For instance: If you were a single parent and your spouse passed away and whose child was handicap, meaning you couldn’t work because you had to take care of your child, you might be considered eligible to discharge your student loans. Under those circumstances, there would be no way you could pay back your loans in any sort of timely manner.


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