Student Loan Forgiveness  Guide

Student Loan Forgiveness Guide


Most students have the intention of repaying their student loans, but while dreaming of a debt free future.  We overlook some important things.

The main aim of the student loan crisis is to keep borrowers subservient to the government, and in debt for half (for the lucky ones) or their entire life. The loan is one product that developed from the criminal conspiracy. Between the federal government banks and colleges. The supereducated ivy league blames it on the student loan borrowers. By saying, “if you’re smart enough to graduate from college. Then you should be smart enough to navigate a website to enroll in the right loan program.

I have been in this industry for the past 10 years. But it has been anything but easy! Courts have accused some of the biggest student loan servicing companies. Of a widespread of unfair and deceptive practices. Such as  deliberately steering borrowers into forbearance; failing to convey critical information; and denying  student loan repayment forgiveness programs. They have gotten away with a lot over the past decade. However, the courts forced them to be more transparent. But  even with this, don’t you think they’ve turned a new leaf.

Empower yourself and take control of your student loans, so you can have a better financial future.

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