Student loan repayment assistance programs for other careers

Student loan repayment assistance programs for other careers

Herbert S. Garten Loan Repayment Assistance Program

This student loan forgiveness program repays up to $5,600 in student loans to about 70 attorneys each year. You’ll need to work at a qualifying organization. The program uses a lottery system to pick a few lucky recipients every year.

State and university-sponsored LRAPs

Like teachers and doctors, lawyers might also qualify for state or local repayment assistance programs. The Florida Bar Foundation, for instance, awards up to $5,000 to lawyers in Florida.

Plus, some universities help their alumni pay back their loans. The University of Virginia School of Law, for instance, will cover up to 100% of student debt for graduates who make less than $55,000 per year. This program encourages its students to work in public service.

See if your state offers loan repayment assistance. Since there’s no central database of schools and employers that offer repayment help, talk to your alma mater or job about how to get repayment help.

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